Natasha took care of our daughter Hanah at nursery and she was brilliant both with Hanah, who adored Natasha, and with us as parents giving us constant feedback and updates. Natasha has been such a positive influence in Hanah’s early years and we are forever grateful. By Frank- Parent

My little one adores Little Hearts!
The staff are incredibly caring and approachable and my little girl always comes out with the biggest smile. She also learns Spanish as part of their outside teacher programme. Giggle and Wiggle do classes weekly too! The nursery is fairly new so all the equipment and toys reflect this and it’s just a lovely, secure and friendly atmosphere for your child to spend time in. What more could you ask for from a nursery!? By Olivia- Parent

“Thank you for taking such good care of our precious Z. On Friday she didn’t want to leave preschool. When I asked her whether she enjoys school, she replied “I love school!”. By El- Parent

Little hearts Pre-School has been more than amazing for my little boy . From the visits to the old people’s home , football coaching sessions to the love and dedication of the staff. My little boy has loved every single day here and I feel so lucky we managed to get a space here. Its an intimate , happy , professional setting that I would highly recommend to anyone . By Imo- Parent

My son is 29 months old, to me he is still a baby. I went in to Little Hearts feeling very guilty and worried. After I met Natasha the worries disappeared. She is indeed amazing with all the children. The care and love she takes when dealing with them is truly great. Her experience and dedication do not pass unnoticed. Catherine and Natalie are on the same page and the 3 of them make a fantastic team!
In the morning my son is happy when getting ready to go to Little Hearts! I highly recommend it By Sil- Parent

This an excellent Pre school.
My little girl is really happy at Little Hearts. They offer so much; Sports, creative play, visits to the park and much more. If you need a term time pre-school, your child would be very happy at Little Hearts. By Lin- Parent

Natasha is very good with children and staff, she is always happy and very helpful to the parents and children, you can not ask better place for your children. Highly recommended. By Mary- Previous Employee

I can not recommend Natasha enough she is amazing, kind and extremely caring. All of her work is always based around the children and what is best for them she is an inspiration to anyone working in childcare By Cara – Previous Employee

This nursery is bound to thrive purely due to its dedicated and passionate owner. Natasha genuinely cares about each child’s individual needs and interests and dedicates her whole self to ensure all children in her care are correctly looked after and are given the best start in their life’s journey. By Chloe- Previous Employee

Relationships among children, parents and staff reflect a positive and respectful culture External Agency      

There is an element of warmth amongst the staff members that promotes a grounded and nurturing approach to the care provided to the children and families. External Agency