Meet The Team

Natasha- Owner/Manager
” I am a qualified Early Years Childcare Practitioner and have over 19 years experience, working in different types of childcare settings. I have always had passion for Early Years and this shines through in my practice. I want Little Hearts Preschool Cranleigh, to be a place where every single child feels; loved, appreciated, inspired and motivated to explore the magical world in which we live in. My aim is to be a setting that is an extension of a child’s home, were you as parents can feel 100% confident that we will treat your children as preciously as you do.”

Natalie- Deputy Manager
” I am a qualified Early Years Childcare Practitioner and I have over 20 years experience. I have worked in various settings including Special Educational Needs settings. I have worked in day care settings as well as preschool settings. I have also had the pleasure of working with children abroad. I love teaching children the skills they need to make them independent and enthusiast learners, being a mother myself means I appreciate the level of trust you as parents have to put on us to look after your children and I take that responsibility to heart. I believe an open and honest relationship with parents is key to making sure that your child gets the most out of Little Hearts Preschool in Cranleigh.”

Katherine- After School Practitioner
” I am a qualified Early Years Childcare Practitioner and I have over 18 years experience. I have worked in Preschools in Cranleigh over the last 18 years. I have had the pleasure of working with many children and families from different backgrounds. I enjoy working with young children and making their precious time at Preschool a happy memory for them and their families”

Claire- Early Years Educator

I am a qualified Early Years Child Care Practitioner. I have an NVQ Level 3 Diploma and have had experience with children in nursery and preschool settings as well as infant and primary school. I have previously worked with children with special educational needs and I enjoy supporting children to help them develop and flourish. I am passionate about children’s learning and giving them experiences to explore, play and have fun! I believe children need a loving, caring and nurturing environment as they grow and as a mum myself I know how important it is that they have a wonderful and positive experience in their preschool years before they start school. I am very excited to be a part of this special journey with your children at Little Hearts Preschool, creating the best possible experiences and memories for their start in life. 

Chloe Chedd- Early Years Educator Apprentice

Mr Sully- Children’s Well-being Mentor

My name is Mr Sully. I joined Little Hearts Preschool Cranleigh in September 2020. My role is to talk to the children about emotions and feelings. I have a special power that I share with the children. My power is that I love to gobble up all types of worries and I am excellent at helping them disappear. My motto is ” A worry expressed will put your mind at rest!” I am studying towards a Child Psychology Diploma and I enjoy helping children feel safe and settled. I am lucky to have my own special bench where I sit all day, when any of the children want to talk about any thing that is on their minds on a 1:1 basis I am always there for them.

MariaSpanish Tutor (Extra Curricular Activity)

Holá! everyone, My name is Maria, I am an enthusiastic, confident, caring, hard working individual who is quick at adapting to new challenges. I have a background in various educational environments. I work as a private tutor which gave me the knowledge on how to tailor my teaching approach in order to help my students achieve individual goals. Previously, I have worked as a private nanny and in a nursery where I had the opportunity to learn how to combine education with fun!