We’re Not Just Making Pizza

We’re not ‘JUST’ making pizza!!

An insight on how we extend your child’s learning. We hope it helps you at home.

When we are working with children, we are constantly looking for how the activities we provide can be used to challenge the children’s development.
For example if we have planned a cooking activity such as making pizza, we will support or challenge numeracy skills, by setting it up as follows. (see picture).

Most people will see making pizzas as just that. If we add a few simple extra resources it is so much more.

Learning opportunities;

To develop understanding of number sequence and one to one correspondence
To use numbers 1 to 5 and beyond (depending on amount of ingredients used) as labels for a group of objects
To develop understanding that numbers carry a quantity
Health & Safety
Fine Motor Skills
Healthy Foods and much more.

We would encourage the children to draw and label a picture of what their pizza might look like first, this opens up even more opportunities.

We would talk about where pizzas originate from.
After we have eaten them, we reflect on how the taste, what would we do different? What would we keep the same? ect…

Remember everything we do in our day to day lives and routine can be a learning opportunity.