Stories by the Little Hearts Children

A Wolf Story

Once Upon a Time,There was a big bad wolf called Tomby. He lived in a forest near a lake which was near Little Hearts Preschool. One day he went out for a walk to eat children, but a superhero called Spiderman came to Little Hearts. He said ” Never go on a wolf hunt again, I will go and vanquish him!”. Oh no! but the Wolf ate Spiderman! So it was up to the Little Hearts children to save the day. So they destroyed him by getting tools and broke him. The children cheered loudly which made a Princess appear called Rapunzel. Rapunzel said “Well done, you have saved the day and the forest.” They then had a party to celebrate. They ate cake, biscuits, cookies, apples, oranges, pears and chocolates…….but…..Behind the party, the wolfs brother!! Teddy!! was watching and waiting for his chance to pounce,šŸ˜® he thought “I will get you!”…… To be continued! šŸ˜