Parent Questionnaire & Answers (Summer 2020)

Every term we send home a parent questionnaire. Please take a look at the answers of our returned questionnaires. ALL answers have been shared with you, we are still waiting for some to come back and we will add them as they come in.

Q1) Are you happy with your child’s progress over the last academic year?

  • All parents answered yes
  • Absolutely, his physical, social and learning progress have been amazing.
  • YES
  • Very happy, I couldn’t be more pleased about my daughters development over the last year.
  • Extremely
  • Extremely, couldn’t have asked for anything better

Q2) Did you feel you child was kept safe at Little Hearts?

  • All parents said yes
  • Yes you inspire security

Q3) Do you feel your child is happy and settled at Little Hearts Preschool?

  • All parents said Yes.
  • Extremely, my child was happy every single day she was there.

Q4) Are you happy with the provision at Little Hearts Preschool?

  • All parents answered Yes
  • Above and beyond what I ever expected
  • More than happy

Q5) How do you rate the communication between practitioners and parents?

  • All parents answered very good.
  • Very good at drop off and pick ups and also with the use of Tapestry.
  • Exceptional, always there for me

Q6) Did you feel we managed the transition back to the setting well, post COVID 19?

  • All parents answered Yes.
  • Very organised for our children’s well being.

Q7) Do you feel we kept your children safe during the COVID 19 pandemic? All parents said yes.

  • All parents answered Yes.

Q8) What do you think of the current team?

  • Amazing teachers
  • Amazing staff, caring, warm, good hearts and engaging.
  • Very welcoming, kind and inclusive, have gone above and beyond to support me and the boys.
  • I love that there is a little diversity in the personalities but all 3 of you are caring and professional.
  • Simply amazing

Q9) Would you recommend Little Hearts Preschool to other families?

  • All parents answered Yes
  • Absolutely with out hesitation.
  • 100%.Definitely.
  • Yes all the time
  • Definitely

Q10) What do you feel our best quality is?

  • The care and attention each child receives, you really know each child.
  • Warm environment, security and diversity.
  • I feel like I can discuss openly any personal situations I have needed support with. Very open.
  • It is hard to give one answer. Just altogether surpassing my expectations in the positive encouragement in helping my son grow and develop.
  • Care and attention to the children, experiences provided and relationship with parents.

Q11) Over all what would you rate Little Hearts out of 10?

  • All parents answered 10/10 with one score 20/10!!